College Choice Questions & Checklists

the ACT guide -Prioritize the most important factors to your college choice decision

the ACT guide -Basic questions to ask on a college visit

College Comparison Chart -This chart allows you to compare three colleges at a time. Just type in the name of the school, and the website imports statistics about each college, such as campus population and admission requirements.

36 Questions to Ask on a College Visit -Provided by US News and World Report


College Visit Contact Info & Special Dates

Campus Tours -Use this website to find virtual tours for campuses across the country

New York Private Colleges and Universities -This website will connect you with information you need on all of New York’s private colleges and universities by region.

SUNY Schools Complete List -This is a complete alphabetical list of all SUNY schools with links to each school’s website

SUNY Schools Interactive Map -This map allows you to click on any SUNY school and be lead to its website for more information

Universities Across the Country -sorted by state

Universities Across the World -sorted by country

Choosing Colleges by Major or other criteria

College Matchmaker Tool -to narrow college search by major and other important criteria

CollegeView -list of schools searched by major study area and other criteria


NextStepU -Based on a former magazine founded in Rochester, this website houses a variety of resources for college planning and beyond.