Homework Help

About Education -this Homework & Study Tips page from About.com has tons of articles that could be helpful to you. Examples include: 7 Silly Ways to Stop Procrastinating, What If My Study Space Is Really Small and Cramped? and more!

Fact Monster-Homework -the Homework Section provides resources for six subjects as well as writing, research, study, and speaking & listening skills. You can also make use of their interactive atlas, timelines, and more!

Homework Hotline -Homework Hotline allows students in grades 4-12 to dial-a-teacher to receive homework help over the phone. Homework Hotline airs on WXXI in New York state. Past episodes are also available on the website.

The phone number for the hotline is: (585)-262-5000 in the Rochester, NY area
1-888-986-2345 toll free (everywhere else).

You can call for help Monday through Thursday from 4-7 pm EST.

Shmoop Learning GuidesShmoop -Shmoop Learning Guides connect you with free resources to study for a variety of subjects–it even gets as fun and specific as studying mythology (social studies), Dr. Seuss books (English & Literature), and taxonomy (Biology –> Evolution). There is so much to discover!

Shmoop Test Prep -Shmoop Test Prep connects with guides to study for SAT, ACT, AP exams and more.

Teen Advisor -Here is a list of homework tips from Teen Advisor. You can check out other related lists including: surviving exams, note-taking strategies, summer school and more.

The WWW Virtual Library – The WWW Virtual Library is a great resource to find information! Each topic has subtopics, so you can find specific information for research or personal learning. Some interesting topics include: archaeology, fashion, and games and recreation.



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