Welcome to the Henrietta Teen Corner Blog. My name is Ellen Glena and I am the Teen Services Librarian. You can contact me at eglena@libraryweb.org  with any questions.  This blog is for all teens to enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment. Your opinion matters.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. The Reading Preference Survey is called the Teen Corner Survey and there is a tab at the top of the homepage that you click on to access it. That was a great question! Ellen

  2. I have another question. Is the Reading Prefrence Survey and Online survay the same? Also,how to I get tickets for that?

  3. The two are the same. I forgot that I combined the two surveys into one online survey awhile ago.
    All you have to do is come in and tell the reference librarian that you filled out the online survey and they will give you a ticket 🙂

  4. So,I can cross both off my list? Does that mean I only get one ticket? Even though I technicly did two?

  5. Ok.
    Also,am I aloud to do my collages at the Library? If I can do I print in color or black and white?

  6. I haven’t had time to post them yet. I’ll try to get them on the blog in the next few days 🙂

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