2018 Minerva Campbell Literary Contest Winners

Winners of 2018 Minerva Campbell Literary Contest

The Minerva Campbell Awards are presented to students exhibiting literary ability. This annual prose and poetry competition is conducted for Middle School and Senior High School students attending Rush-Henrietta Central Schools and students who reside in Henrietta and attend school elsewhere. The Henrietta Public Library Board of Trustees, which sponsors the contest in honor of its first president, appoints a committee of judges to select the winners within each division.

We are pleased to announce the 2018 winners:  Mahlet Ashebr, Ereny Morcos, Abena Essah, Sara Morcos, Hannah Lang, Haley Richardson, Sunahara Tanvir, Ethan Richardson, Kathryn Arbegast, Nhu Tran, Mei Lin Hournbuckle, Akosua Essah, Ava Hathaway.   For more information click here